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My artistic practice is rooted in understanding humanity’s interaction with its habitat. In my work, I explore the way landscapes evolve over time, and how these changes impact us as individuals. I am inspired by the natural and built environment and some of its visual elements. While my earlier works were mostly related to the natural environment, in recent years, a major theme in my practice has focused more on industrial archaeology, defined by the transformative decay of man-made architecture in the landscape. Through clay, I try to unpack the symbiotic relationship between humans and the urban environment by reimagining decomposing textures and forms.

My visual aesthetic is intuitive and free-form. In recognizing the many shape-forming potentials of clay material, I consider it as a metaphor as itself it is the result of processes of decay over a long period of time.

In my work, I visualize ruins, particularly those destroyed or encountered in abandoned buildings. I believe these materialize memory. They can accumulate history and appear as artifacts. My fascination with the environment, the process of decay, and the material itself prompts contemplation. I invite my viewers to reflect on what ruins can tell us about ourselves and our past experiences. I try to create a space in which the past does not end. Ruins for me emerge as a way of reflection, nostalgia and melancholy, their unfinished form provides an outlet for imagination and interpretation.

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